gprocessor(1)                                                    gprocessor(1)

       gprocessor - Gnash SWF Processor

       gprocessor (options)... (file)...

       Gprocessor is a debugging tool for SWF files, a companion to Gnash. It
       is most often used for debugging and running testcases, as it is
       equivalant to running Gnash with no graphic output. This tool is
       primarily used by Gnash developers, or anyone who wishes to run the
       Gnash test cases.

       -h     Print usage info.

       -w     Write a .gsc file with preprocessed info, for each input file.

       -vp    Be verbose about movie parsing.

       -va    Be verbose about ActionScript.

       -d [ms]
              Milliseconds delay between advances (0 by default). If '-1' the
              delay will be computed from the FPS.

       -f [frames]
              Allow the given number of frame advancements. If 0, keep
              advancing until some other stop condition is encountered

       -r [times]
              Allow the given number of complete runs. If 0, keep looping
              indefinitely. Default is 1 (end as soon as the last frame is

                                17 January 2012                  gprocessor(1)