greed(1)                 Get and Resume Elite EDition                 greed(1)

       greed - Lets you get and resume files.

       greed  [-sn]  [-o{0..1}] [URL0 URL1..URLN]

       Greed lets you download and resume files from web and FTP sites.

       -?          Brings up quick help

       -z          Sends a bug report to me

       -t          Tests the file if it is a valid archive after the download
              is finished

       -s          Prints the file downloaded to STDOUT

                   Turns off the http referrer and changes the referrer to
              URL, respectively

                   0..9 is the level of output GREED prints

       -n          Downloads the newest version of GREED

                   Sends an e-mail to ADDRESS every time greed downloads a
              file (-t MUST be used)

       -l#         Sets the level of recursion (how many directories down
              greed should go on an FTP site)

       -i          Reads URLs from Standard Input

                   Loads a .grx file (Windows GetRight), parses it, and
              downloads the files specified within

       -f          Disables reading URLs from

       -d#         Tells greed to download X files at a time.  If no number is
              specified, it assumes 2 at a time.
       -cURL       Changes the %##'s in a URL to characters... should old be
              used for URL's that don't work correctly, or have %##'s in them

       -b          Sends GREED into background download mode.

       greed -i <
                   Lets you download all the files in

       greed -d -b http://ab:cd@efg.hij/kl/mno.p
                   Drops greed into the background and downloads the 2 URLS

       greed -b -t -l9999
                   Sends e-mails on each successful download and downloads
     and I mean all .5 terrabytes :)  Give it a try

                   "..." saves the URL retrieved from to

       resume download ftp www

greed                                                                 greed(1)