UPDATEDB(1L)                                                      UPDATEDB(1L)

       updatedb - update a file name database

       updatedb [options]

       This manual page documents the GNU version of updatedb, which updates
       file name databases used by GNU locate.  The file name databases
       contain lists of files that were in particular directory trees when the
       databases were last updated.  The file name of the default database is
       determined when locate and updatedb are configured and installed.  The
       frequency with which the databases are updated and the directories for
       which they contain entries depend on how often updatedb is run, and
       with which arguments.

       In networked environments, it often makes sense to build a database at
       the root of each filesystem, containing the entries for that
       filesystem.  updatedb is then run for each filesystem on the fileserver
       where that filesystem is on a local disk, to prevent thrashing the
       network.  Users can select which databases locate searches using an
       environment variable or command line option; see locate(1L).  Databases
       can not be concatenated together.

       The file name database format changed starting with GNU find and locate
       version 4.0 to allow machines with diffent byte orderings to share the
       databases.  The new GNU locate can read both the old and new database
       formats.  However, old versions of locate and find produce incorrect
       results if given a new-format database.

       --localpaths='path1 path2...'
              Non-network directories to put in the database.  Default is /.

       --netpaths='path1 path2...'
              Network (NFS, AFS, RFS, etc.) directories to put in the
              database.  Default is none.

       --prunepaths='path1 path2...'
              Directories to not put in the database, which would otherwise
              be.  Default is /tmp /usr/tmp /var/tmp /afs.

              The database file to build.  Default is system-dependent, but
              typically /usr/local/var/locatedb.

              The user to search network directories as, using su(1).  Default
              is daemon.

              Create the database in the old format instead of the new one.

              Print the version number of updatedb and exit.

       --help Print a summary of the options to updatedb and exit.

       find(1L), locate(1L), locatedb(5L), xargs(1L) Finding Files (on-line in
       Info, or printed)