GNU HaliFAX − an introduction

The GNU HaliFAX Project aims at writing a complete free
client−suite for fax−systems such as HylaFAX(), efax or

GNU HaliFAX is a GNU project. It means its developers have
taken engagement in integrating HaliFAX as much as it can
with the rest of the GNU system, and in promising HaliFAX
will be free software as well as its documentation.

The name "Halifax" was chosen after the name of a Canadian
City, which happens to be located nearly between George
Farris and Tilman Bubeck, who are the most separated
developers of the project.
But also to show that is it the client counter−part to
HylaFAX(), the most complete, full−featured,
industrial−strengh, earthquake proof, free fax system, which
was chosen as the main target for HaliFAX.

The GNU HaliFAX project was written by George Farris, Dr
Tilmann Bubeck and Wolfgang Sourdeau. Many other people have
contributed patches and translations. A big thank goes to

More informations about the GNU HaliFAX project are
available at the GNU HaliFAX official website:

The GNU Project aims at writing a complete free UNIX−like
Operating System so that computer users can regain the
freedom to share and improve their software, and be part of
a community of people who work together to make a better
world. Those freedom were denied to them by most of the
software publishers.

‐ the GNU HaliFAX Sender
‐ the GNU HaliFAX Viewer