ident(3tcl)             Identification protocol client             ident(3tcl)


       ident - Ident protocol client

       package require Tcl  8.3

       package require ident  ?0.42?

       ::ident::query socket ?callback?


       The ident package provides a client implementation of the ident
       protocol as defined in RFC 1413 (http://www.rfc-

       ::ident::query socket ?callback?
              This command queries the ident daemon on the remote side of the
              given socket, and returns the result of the query as a
              dictionary.  Interpreting the dictionary as list the first key
              will always be resp-type, and can have one of the values USERID,
              ERROR, and FATAL.  These response types have the following

              USERID This indicates a successful response. Two more keys and
                     associated values are returned, opsys, and user-id.

              ERROR  This means the ident server has returned an error.  A
                     second key named error is present whose value contains
                     the error-type field from the server response.

              FATAL  Fatal errors happen when no ident server is listening on
                     the remote side, or when the ident server gives a
                     response that does not conform to the RFC. A detailed
                     error message is returned under the error key.

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       ident, identification, rfc 1413


       Copyright (c) 2004 Reinhard Max <>

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