INSTALL-CATALOG(8)                                          INSTALL-CATALOG(8)

       install-catalog - Manage a SGML or XML centralized catalog

       install-catalog [ option ]  action  ... [  [ -d]  [ --delegate] ]  [  [
       -a centralized ordinary]  [ --add centralized ordinary]

        [ -r centralized ordinary]  [ --remove centralized ordinary]

        [ -h]  [ --help]

        [ -v]  [ --version] ]

       This shell script allows to handle a centralized catalog referencing
       other "ordinary" SGML or XML Open Catalogs.

       An Open Catalog contains a set of directives defined by OASIS, mostly
       used for defining equivalences between FPIs (Formal Public Identifiers)
       and real file names (see TR9401:1997 on
       <URL:>).  The Open Catalogs usually reside in

       A centralized catalog is a special Open Catalog that includes only
       comments and CATALOG directives pointing to other catalogs (or DELEGATE
       directives if supported). The centralized catalog can be the key to all
       other SGML resources. It usually resides in /etc/sgml.

       The centralized catalog can be edited manually or through the install-
       catalog script to add or remove references to other ordinary catalogs.
       This script is mainly destined to software package post-installation

       An example of a typical call to install-catalog is:

             install-catalog --add \
               /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets-1.54/catalog \

       This call will install in /etc/sgml/ a reference to

       Here is the list of options that can influence the way install-catalog

        [  [ -d]  [ --delegate] ]

       Use DELEGATE instead of CATALOG directives to specify a pointer

       Here is the list of actions that can be requested to install-catalog:

        [  [ -a centralized ordinary]  [ --add centralized ordinary] ]

       Declare a new SGML package.

        [  [ -r centralized ordinary]  [ --remove centralized ordinary] ]

       Remove a previously installed SGML package.

        [  [ -h]  [ --help] ]

       Print a short help message and exit

        [  [ -v]  [ --version] ]

       Print the version identifier and exit


       The SGML centralized catalogs

       Eric Bischoff <>

       Developper of install-catalog.


       conversion from DocBook to other file formats


       a base component of Jade DSSSL engine


       the home page of the DocBook tools, a compendium of all tools necessary
       to process DocBook files, including the SGML-common stuff.

                                04 August 2000              INSTALL-CATALOG(8)