integer(3)             Perl Programmers Reference Guide             integer(3)

       integer - Perl pragma to compute arithmetic in integer instead of

           use integer;
           $x = 10/3;
           # $x is now 3, not 3.33333333333333333

       This tells the compiler to use integer operations from here to the end
       of the enclosing BLOCK.  On many machines, this doesn't matter a great
       deal for most computations, but on those without floating point
       hardware, it can make a big difference.

       Note that this affects the operations, not the numbers.  If you run
       this code

           use integer;
           $x = 1.5;
           $y = $x + 1;
           $z = -1.5;

       you'll be left with $x == 1.5, $y == 2 and $z == -1.  The $z case
       happens because unary - counts as an operation.

       See the section on Pragmatic Modules in the perlmod manpage.

3rd Berkeley Distribution    perl 5.005, patch 02                   integer(3)