IOPING(1)                        User Commands                       IOPING(1)

       ioping - simple disk I/O latency monitoring tool

       ioping [-LCDRq] [-c count] [-w deadline] [-p period] [-i interval]
              [-s size] [-S wsize] [-o offset] device|file|directory

       ioping -h | -v

       This tool lets you monitor I/O latency in real time.

       -c count
              Stop after count requests.

       -w deadline
              Stop after deadline time passed.

       -p period
              Print raw statistics for every period requests.

       -i interval
              Set time between requests to interval (1s).

       -s size
              Request size (4k).

       -S size
              Working set size (1m).

       -o offset
              Offset in input file.

       -L     Use sequential operations rather than random. This also sets
              request size to 256k (as in -s 256k).

       -C     Use cached I/O.

       -D     Use direct I/O.

       -R     Disk seek rate test (same as -q -i 0 -w 3 -S 64m).

       -q     Suppress human-readable output.

       -h     Display help message and exit.

       -v     Display version and exit.

   Argument suffixes
       For options that expect time argument (-i and -w), default is seconds,
       unless you specify one of the following suffixes (case-insensitive):

       us, usec

       ms, msec

       s, sec seconds

       m, min minutes

       h, hour

       For options that expect "size" argument (-s, -S and -o), default is
       bytes, unless you specify one of the following suffixes (case-

       s      disk sectors (a sector is always 512).

       k, kb  kilobytes

       p      memory pages (a page is always 4K).

       m, mb  megabytes

       g, gb  gigabytes

       t, tb  terabytes

       For options that expect "number" argument (-p and -c) you can
       optionally specify one of the following suffixes (case-insensitive):

       k      kilo (thousands, 1 000)

       m      mega (millions, 1 000 000)

       g      giga (billions, 1 000 000 000)

       t      tera (trillions, 1 000 000 000 000)

       Returns 0 upon success. The following error codes are defined:

       1      Invalid usage (error in arguments).

       2      Error during preparation stage.

       3      Error during runtime.

       ioping .
              Show disk I/O latency using the default values and the current
              directory, until interrupted.

       ioping -c 10 -s 1M /tmp
              Measure latency on /tmp using 10 requests of 1 megabyte each.

       ioping -R /dev/sda
              Measure disk seek rate.

       ioping -RL /dev/sda
              Measure disk sequential speed.

       Homepage ⟨⟩.

       This program was written by Konstantin Khlebnikov ⟨⟩.
       Man-page was written by Kir Kolyshkin ⟨⟩.

                                   July 2011                         IOPING(1)