javaws(1)                   General Commands Manual                  javaws(1)

       javaws - a Java Web Start client

       javaws [-run-options] jnlp-file
       javaws [-control-option]

       javaws is an implementation of a JNLP  client. It uses a JNLP (Java
       Network Launch Protocol) file to securely run a remote Java application
       or a Java applet.  This implementation of javaws is from the IcedTea
       project and is based on the NetX project.

       A JNLP file is an xml file that describes how to securely run a remote
       Java application or a Java applet.

       When specifying options, the name of the jnlp file must be the last
       argument to javaws - all the options must preceede it.

       The jnlp-file can either be a url or a local path.

       Control Options

       By default javaws will launch the jnlp file specified on the command
       line. The control options can be used to change this behaviour.

       -about      Shows about dialog.

       -viewer     Shows the trusted certificate viewer. This allows a user to
                   list, examine, remove or export trusted certificates. Note
                   that this only reflects the certificates trusted by javaws
                   and not any other certificates or programs.

       Run Options

       In the default mode, the following run-options can be used:

       -version    Prints out version and exit

       -arg arg    Adds an application argument before launching.

       -param name=value
                   Adds an applet parameter before launching.

       -property name=value
                   Sets a system property before launching.

       -update seconds
                   Update check if seconds since last checked.

       -license    Display the GPL license and exit.

       -verbose    Enable verbose output. Very useful in debugging.

       -nosecurity Disables the secure runtime environment.

       -noupdate   Disables checking for updates.

       -headless   Disables download window, other UIs.

       -strict     Enables strict checking of JNLP file format. Any deviations
                   from the JNLP DTD will cause javaws to abort.

       -xml        The jnlp files will be checked more strictly for XML

                   Allow to follow 301, 302, 303, 307 and 308 redirections for
                   javaws applications

       -Xnofork    Do not create another JVM, even if the JNLP file asks for
                   running in a separate JVM. This is useful for debugging.

                   Clean the JNLP application cache.

                   Skip jar header verification.

                   This passes along java-option to the java binary that is
                   running javaws. For example, to make javaws run with a max
                   heap size of 80m, use -J-Xmx80m.

       -help       Print a help message and exit.

       $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/icedtea-web/ specifies the
       settings used by javaws

       $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/icedtea-web/log (may be set to different location by
       you) contains file log files (if enabled).  itw-cplugin-date_time.log
       for native part of plugin, itw-javantx-date_time.log for everything

       $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/icedtea-web/security/java.policy contains granted
       permissions for selected unsigned apps

       $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/icedtea-web/security/trusted.*certs contains various
       stored certificates

       $XDG_CACHE_DIR/icedtea-web/cache contains cached runtime entries (amy
       be changed by you)

       $XDG_CACHE_DIR/icedtea-web/pcache contains saved application data

       $XDG_CACHE_DIR/icedtea-web/tmp contains temporary runtime files

       $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/icedteaplugin-user-*/ contains in and out pipe for
       native<->java communication and (if enabled) debugging pipe

       Where $XDG_CONFIG_DIR, $XDG_CACHE_DIR and $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR are set as
       ~/.config, ~/.cache and /tmp or /var/tmp if not set.

       There arent any known bugs. If you come across one, please file it at
       Please run javaws in debug (-verbose switch or itw-settings setting or
       ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG variable set to true) mode and include that output
       (best is from java console) with URL to jnlp or html file (ot the
       jnlp/html file or application itself)  when filing out the bug report.

       Originally written by Jon. A. Maxwell.
       Currently maintained by the IcedTea contributors. See javaws -about for
       more info


                                  9 Sep 2010                         javaws(1)