JaxoDraw(1)                                                        JaxoDraw(1)

       JaxoDraw - A Program for the Interactive Generation of Feynman Diagrams

       jaxodraw [options] [<file>]

       JaxoDraw is a Feynman graph plotting tool written in Java.  It has a
       complete graphical user interface that allows all actions to be carried
       out via mouse click-and-drag operations in a WYSIWYG fashion.  Graphs
       may be exported to postscript / EPS format and can be saved in XML
       files to be used for later sessions. With JaxoDraw it becomes possible
       to draw even complicated Feynman diagrams with just a few mouse clicks,
       without the knowledge of any programming language.

       Note: You need an installed and configured Java Runtime Environment
       (version 1.4.1 or greater) in order to run JaxoDraw.  This may be
       downloaded free of charge from Sun's web pages:

       Note: You need to install the axodraw4j.sty LaTeX style file in order
       to use the LaTeX features of JaxoDraw. You may download it from
       http://jaxodraw.sourceforge.net/download/.  Please refer to the
       JaxoDraw User Guide for information on how to install axodraw4j.

       options are a set of command line options specified below and file
       specifies the name of a file to be edited.  The objects in the file
       will be read at the start of JaxoDraw.

       Most of the documentation for JaxoDraw is in an HTML-based reference
       guide that is available via the Help menu in JaxoDraw or at our Web
       page http://jaxodraw.sourceforge.net/.

              Per user configuration directory where plugins and User Guide
              are installed, and log records are written.

       To run JaxoDraw the standard way, just type:


       To read in the file epscatter.xml at start-up, type:

       jaxodraw epscatter.xml

       See the file BUGS in the source distribution.

       Currently, the following command line options are supported:

              Print all command-line options for JaxoDraw.

              Prints out the version number of JaxoDraw.

              Prints out some information about your system.

              Used to convert a number of JaxoDraw xml files (given as
              parameters on the command line) to axodraw4j tex files (and vice
              versa) without the need of bringing up the user interface.  Use
              like eg:

              jaxodraw --convert test1.xml test2.tex

              This converts test1.xml to test1.tex and test2.tex to test2.xml.

              Turns on verbose error messaging.

              Turns off verbose error messaging.

              Do not show the splash window at start up (default is to show

       By default, all parameters starting with -- do not pop up the graphical
       user interface of JaxoDraw.

       Daniele Binosi <binosi@ect.it>, Christian Kaufhold <jaxodraw@chka.de>
       and Lukas Theussl <theussl@nbi.dk>.

       We are grateful to Prof. Arcadi Santamaria for numerous helpful remarks
       and moral support during the development of JaxoDraw.  We also
       acknowledge Prof. Jos Vermaseren for his kind permission to use and
       distribute a modified version of his axodraw style file.  John Collins
       has pushed the development of JaxoDraw a huge step forward by writing
       the new axodraw4j style file.  We would finally like to thank all the
       people on the JaxoDraw mailing list for their help and feedback during
       the testing phase.

       Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Daniele Binosi and Lukas Theussl.
       Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Daniele Binosi, Lukas Theussl and Christian

       JaxoDraw is published under the terms of the Gnu General Public
       License.  Other Copyrights may be found in various files, see the file
       LICENSE in the source distribution for detailed information.

       latex (1), tex (1), java (1), javac (1)

Lukas Theussl                        2.0-0                         JaxoDraw(1)