JIGDO-LITE(1)                                                    JIGDO-LITE(1)

       jigdo-lite - Download jigdo files using wget

       jigdo-lite [ URL ]

       See jigdo-file(1) for an introduction to Jigsaw Download.

       Given the URL of a `.jigdo' file, jigdo-lite downloads the large file
       (e.g. a CD image) that has been made available through that URL.
       wget(1) is used to download the necessary pieces of administrative data
       (contained in the `.jigdo' file and a corresponding `.template' file)
       as well as the many pieces that the large file is made from. The jigdo-
       file(1) utility is used to reconstruct the large file from the pieces.

       `.jigdo' files that contain references to Debian mirrors are treated
       specially: When such a file is recognized, you are asked to select one
       mirror out of a list of all Debian mirrors.

       If URL is not given on the command line, the script prompts for a
       location to download the `.jigdo' file from. The following command line
       options are recognized:

       -h --help
              Output short summary of command syntax.

       -v --version
              Output version number.

       --scan FILES
              Do not ask for "Files to scan", use this path.

              Do not ask any questions, instead behave as if the user had
              pressed Return at all prompts. This can be useful when running
              jigdo-lite from cron jobs or in other non-interactive

       jigdo-file(1), jigdo-mirror(1), wget(1) (or `info wget')

       CD images for Debian Linux can be downloaded with jigdo

       Jigsaw Download <URL:http://atterer.org/jigdo/> was written by Richard
       Atterer <jigdo atterer.org>, to make downloading of CD ROM images for
       the Debian Linux distribution more convenient.

                                 May 04, 2002                    JIGDO-LITE(1)