KEA-ADMIN(8)                          Kea                         KEA-ADMIN(8)

       kea-admin - Shell script for managing Kea databases

       kea-admin [command] [backend] [-u database username]
                 [-p database password] [-n database name]
                 [-d scripts directory] [-4 | -6] [-o output file] [-v]

       kea-admin is a shell script which offers database maintenance. In
       particular, it features database initialization, database version
       checking and database schema upgrade.

           Command to be issued to the servers. It can be one of the

               Initializes a new lease database. Useful during first Kea
               installation. The database is initialized to the latest version
               supported by the version of the software.

               Reports lease database version. This is not necessarily equal
               to Kea version as each backend has its own versioning scheme.

               Conducts lease database upgrade. This is useful when migrating
               between old and new Kea versions.

               Dumps the contents of the lease database (MySQL and PostgreSQL
               backends) to text file. The content of the file consists of
               comma-separated-values (CSV) where each line in the file
               contains all of the values for a single lease. The first line
               of file is a header line containing the column names.

           Specifies backend type. Currently allowed backends are: memfile,
           mysql and pgsql.

       -u|--user username
           Specify the username when connecting to a database. If not
           specified, the default value of keatest is used.

       -p|--password password
           Specifies the password when connecting to a database. If not
           specified, the default value of keatest is used.

       -n|--name database-name
           Specifies the database name to connect to. If not specified, the
           default value of keatest is used.

       -d|--directory script-directory
           Used for override scripts directory. That script is used during
           upgrades, database initialization and possibly other operations. If
           not specified, the default value of (prefix)/share/kea/scripts/ is

       -o|--output output_file
           Required for lease-dump, Specifies the file to which the lease data
           will be dumped.

           Prints kea-admin version and quits.

           Directs kea-admin to lease-dump the DHCPv4 leases. Incompatible
           with the -6 option.

           Directs kea-admin to lease-dump the DHCPv6 leases. Incompatible
           with the -4 option.

       keactrl(8), kea-dhcp4(8), kea-dhcp6(8), kea-dhcp-ddns(8), kea-ctrl-
       agent(8), kea-netconf(8), keactrl(8), perfdhcp(8), Kea Administrator

           The Kea software has been written by a number of engineers working
           for ISC: Tomek Mrugalski, Stephen Morris, Marcin Siodelski, Thomas
           Markwalder, Francis Dupont, Jeremy C. Reed, Wlodek Wencel and Shawn
           Routhier. That list is roughly in the chronological order in which
           the authors made their first contribution. For a complete list of
           authors and contributors, see AUTHORS file.

       Copyright © 2014-2018 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")

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