KISSUTIL(1)                 General Commands Manual                KISSUTIL(1)

       kissutil - KISS TNC troubleshooting and Application Interface.

       kissutil [ options ]

       kissutil  can be used interactively for troubleshooting a KISS TNC.  It
       is usable with direwolf and other generic KISS TNCs connected to a
       serial port.  It can also be used as an application interface where
       each side places files in a directory for the other to process.  See
       User Guide for more details.

       -h host
              Hostname or IP address for a TCP KISS TNC.  Default is

       -p port
              A number may be specified for a TCP port other than the default
              8001.  If not a number, it is considered to be a serial port
              name such as /dev/ttyS0 or COM3.

       -s speed
              Speed for serial port. e.g. 9600.

       -o rec-directory
              For each received frame, a new file is created here.  It is
              expected that some other application will process files in this
              directory then delete them.

       -T format
              Each received frame will be preceded by a timestamp in the
              specified format.  See strftime documentation for a description
              of the format string.  Example:  %H:%M:%S  for current time in
              hours, minutes, seconds.

       -f xmit-directory
              Files in this directory are transmited and deleted.  Another
              application places a file here when it wants something to be

       -v     Verbose - Display the KISS frames going to and from the TNC.

       More detailed information is in the pdf files in
       /usr/local/share/doc/direwolf, or possibly /usr/share/doc/direwolf,
       depending on installation location.

       Applications in this package: aclients, atest, decode_aprs, direwolf,
       gen_packets, kissutil, ll2utm, log2gpx, text2tt, tt2text, utm2ll