LASERGNU(l)                                                        LASERGNU(l)

       lasergnu - send gnuplot output to a printer

       lasergnu [ flags ] plot-command...

       lasergnu runs gnuplot(1) in an environment to produce typeset output on
       an IMAGEN  or Postscript printer.

       The gnuplot commands plot-command are performed and the output sent to
       the printer.  If the -f option specifies a file for input, the plot
       command is optional.  The command-line plot commands are executed prior
       to any in the file(s).

       For example, to plot the function sin(x) from -1 to +1, and to use
       printer im1, use the command
           lasergnu -Pim1 'plot [-1:1] sin(x) with lines'
       To execute the gnuplot command file myplot, on the postscript printer
       lw0, use the command
           lasergnu -Plw0 -p -f myplot
       The following switches are recognized:

       -p     Use the postscript language to make the plot, instead of
              Impress.  This is for use on Postscript printers only. This uses
              a double-size plot in landscape mode as the default.

       -P printer
              The output of this program is intended for printer.   If the
              file is being spooled, this determines the printer it is spooled
              to (default: $LASER).  Be sure to use the -p flag if the printer
              is a postscript printer.

       -f file
              Take gnuplot commands from the named file.  Multiple files  may
              be supplied with separate -f options.

       -t title
              Specify the title of the plot.

       -b     Do not print a banner page.

       -J     Do not print a banner page.

       -help  Prints a list of options.

       gnuplot(l), lpr(1)