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       Launchy - smart search launcher utility

       launchy [options]

       Launchy is a cross-platform utility designed to help you forget about
       your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

       Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your
       documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few

       Once Launchy has been started, it hides in the background. You bring it
       forward by holding the Ctrl and the Space keys. You can then type in a
       few keys of the program you are searching for and hit enter once it has
       been found. You can also make Launchy dissappear again by hitting the
       Escape key or Ctrl+Space.

       Launchy allows you to add additional command line parameters to the
       selected launch. Simply hit Tab key once you have found the application
       you are interested in and then enter the parameters.

       When the input text area is empty, press the down arrow key and Launchy
       will display a history of the commands entered previously.  You can
       scroll up and down the list and press Enter key to repeat the command.
       Pressing Shift+Delete instead will remove the item from the history.

       -exit      Attempt to close any running instances of Launchy.

       -multiple      Allows more than one instance of Launchy to be run.

       -options      Shows the options dialog.

       -rescan      Rescan the catalog.

       -rescue      Resets LaunchyaXXs position to the center of the screen
            and selects the default skin.

       -show      Shows Launchy's window (default is to launch hidden in
            most cases). Can be used as a way to active Launchy from      a

       If -multiple is not used and Launchy is already running, then the command
       will be sent to the running instance of Launchy.

       Not all skins will work with Linux builds of Launchy. If you're running a
       compositing manager (compiz or beryl) then the skins should look the same
       as in Windows. Otherwise, you will have to settle for the skins that look
       good without alpha transparency (like Default and Black Glass).

       If the black area of mask.png is perfectly rectangular then, for some
       reason, compiz won't mask it correctly and you will have a strange black
       section around the skin.

       Launchy homepage "<>"

       Launchy authors are Josh Karlin, Simon Capewell and others.

       This manual page was written by Ricardo Mones for the Debian project (and
       may be used by others).

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