ldns_dnssec_rrsets_new, ldns_dnssec_rrsets_free,
ldns_dnssec_rrsets_type, ldns_dnssec_rrsets_set_type,
ldns_dnssec_rrsets_add_rr, ldns_dnssec_rrsets_print −
functions for ldns_dnssec_rrsets

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

     #include <ldns/ldns.h>

     ldns_dnssec_rrsets* ldns_dnssec_rrsets_new(void);

     void ldns_dnssec_rrsets_free(ldns_dnssec_rrsets

     ldns_rr_type ldns_dnssec_rrsets_type(const
ldns_dnssec_rrsets *rrsets);

ldns_dnssec_rrsets_set_type(ldns_dnssec_rrsets *rrsets,
ldns_rr_type type);

ldns_dnssec_rrsets_add_rr(ldns_dnssec_rrsets *rrsets,
ldns_rr *rr);

     void ldns_dnssec_rrsets_print(FILE *out, const
ldns_dnssec_rrsets *rrsets, bool follow);

ldns_dnssec_rrsets_new() Creates a new list (entry) of
Returns the newly allocated structure

     ldns_dnssec_rrsets_free() Frees the list of rrsets and
their rrs, but *not* the ldns_rr records in the sets

rrsets: the data structure to free

     ldns_dnssec_rrsets_type() Returns the rr type of the
rrset (that is head of the given list)

rrsets: the rrset to get the type of
Returns the rr type

     ldns_dnssec_rrsets_set_type() Sets the RR type of the
rrset (that is head of the given list)

rrsets: the rrset to set the type of
type: the type to set
Returns LDNS_STATUS_OK on success


     ldns_dnssec_rrsets_add_rr() Add an ldns_rr to the
corresponding RRset in the given list of RRsets.  If it is
not present, add it as a new RRset with 1 record.

rrsets: the list of rrsets to add the RR to
rr: the rr to add to the list of rrsets
Returns LDNS_STATUS_OK on success

     ldns_dnssec_rrsets_print() Print the given list of
rrsets to the fiven file descriptor

out: the file descriptor to print to
rrsets: the list of RRsets to print
follow: if set to false, only print the first RRset

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ldns_dnssec_zone.  And perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035,
RFC4033, RFC4034  and RFC4035.

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