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       lmtpd - Cyrus IMAP documentation

       LMTP server process

       lmtpd [ -C config-file ]  [ -U uses ] [ -T timeout ] [ -D ] [ -a ]

       lmtpd is an LMTP server used to deliver mail to the IMAP mailstore.  It
       accepts commands on its standard input and responds on its standard
       output. It MUST be invoked by master(8) with those descriptors attached
       to a remote client connection.

       lmtpd reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file
       unless specified otherwise by -C.

       -C config-file
              Use the specified configuration file config-file rather than the
              default imapd.conf(5).

       -U uses
              The maximum number of times that the process should be used for
              new connections before shutting down.  The default is 250.

       -T timeout
              The number of seconds that the process will wait for a new
              connection before shutting down.  Note that a value of 0 (zero)
              will disable the timeout.  The default is 60.

       -D     Run external debugger specified in debug_command.

       -a     Preauthorize connections initiated on an internet socket,
              instead of requiring LMTP AUTH.  This should only be used for
              connections coming from trusted hosts.

       lmtpd is commonly included in the SERVICES section of cyrus.conf(5)
       like so:

       SERVICES {
           imap        cmd="imapd -U 30" listen="imap" prefork=0
           imaps       cmd="imapd -s -U 30" listen="imaps" prefork=0 maxchild=100
           lmtpunix    cmd="lmtpd" listen="/var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp" prefork=0 maxchild=20
           sieve       cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=0
           notify      cmd="notifyd" listen="/var/run/cyrus/socket/notify" proto="udp" prefork=1
           httpd       cmd="httpd" listen=8080 prefork=1 maxchild=20


       imapd.conf(5), master(8)

       The Cyrus Team, Nic Bernstein (Onlight)

       1993-2017, The Cyrus Team

3.0.13                         December 16, 2019                      LMTPD(8)