locon - mbk logical connector

       The locon is used to describe a connector of the logical view     of a
       figure. Connectors are describing the cell interface, and are the link
       between its physical and logical views, so the names must be the same.

       The declarations needed to work on locon are available in the header
       file "/labo/include/mlo404.h", where '404' is the actual mbk version.

       The following C structure supports the description of the logical
       connector :
              typedef struct locon {
                 struct locon     ∗NEXT;
                 char             ∗NAME;
                 struct losig     ∗SIG;
                 void             ∗ROOT;
                 char             DIRECTION;
                 char             TYPE;
                 struct ptype     ∗USER;
              } locon_list;

       NEXT                Pointer to the next locon of the list.

       NAME                Name of the connector. It identifies the connector,
                           so it should unique in a given logical figure. A
                           logical connector with a given name correspond to
                           the physical connector or connectors of this name.

       SIG                 Pointer to the signal linked to the connector. This
                           signal is, of course, unique. See losig(3) for

       ROOT                Pointer to the object it belongs to. This object
                           may be either a lofig, or a loins, depending on the
                           type of the connector.  See lofig(3) and loins for

       DIRECTION           This indicates the way of the information going
                           through the connector.  Six directions are legal :

                           IN                  input

                           OUT                 output

                           INOUT               input and output

                           UNKNOWN             no information is available

                           TRISTATE            tristate output

                           TRANSCV             tristate output and input

       TYPE                Character indicating if the connector belongs to a
                           model or an instance. It can take two values :

                           EXTERNAL            for figure connectors

                           INTERNAL            for instance connectors

                           The TYPE is needed to appropriatly cast the ROOT
                           field, and must be approriatly filled by the
                           parsers. A misuse of it may cause strange

       USER                Pointer to a ptype list, see ptype for details,
                           that is a general purpose pointer used to share
                           informations on the connector.

       mbk(1), mbk(3), addlocon(3), getlocon(3), dellocon(3), losig(3),
       ptype(3), loins(3), lofig(3).

       This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6
       We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools.

ASIM/LIP6                       October 1, 1997                       LOCON(3)