MBEXAMINE(8)                 System Manager's Manual                MBEXAMINE(8)


       mbexamine - examine a cyrus-format mailbox

       mbexamine [ -C config-file ] [ -u uid ] mailbox...
       mbexamine [ -C config-file ] [ -s seqnum ] mailbox...
       mbexamine [ -C config-file ] -q mailbox...

       Mbexamine will examine the header, index, and cache files of a cyrus
       format mailbox and dump the information contained therein.  It can also
       limit its output to a specific uid or sequence number, through use of the
       -s and -u switches.  Mbexamine reads its configuration options out of the
       imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C.  It uses the
       mboxlist database to locate the mailbox on disk.

       -C config-file
              Read configuration options from config-file.

       -s     Dump information for the given sequence number only.

       -u     Dump information for the given uid only.

       -q     Compare the quota usage in cyrus.index to the actual message file
              sizes and report any differences.  If there are differences, the
              mailbox SHOULD be reconstructed.


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