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       mcs - Multi-Category System

       MCS (Multiple Category System) allows users to label files on their
       system within administrator defined categories.  It then uses SELinux
       Mandatory Access Control to protect those files.   MCS is a discretionary
       model to allow users to mark their data with additional tags that further
       restrict access.  The only mandatory aspect is authorizing users for
       categories by defining their clearance in policy.  However, MCS is
       similar to MLS and exercises the same code paths and share the same
       support infrastructure.  They just differ in their specific

       The /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf configuration file translates
       the labels on disk to human readable form.   Administrators can define
       any labels they want in this file.  Certain applications like printing
       and auditing will use these labels to identify the files.  By setting a
       category on a file you will prevent other applications/services from
       having access to the files.

       Examples of file labels would be PatientRecord, CompanyConfidential etc.

       selinux(8), chcon(1)

       /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf                  8 Sep 2005                             mcs(8)