named−checkconf − named configuration file syntax checking

named−checkconf [−h] [−v] [−j] [−t directory] {filename}
[−p] [−z]

     named−checkconf checks the syntax, but not the
semantics, of a named configuration file. The file is parsed
and checked for syntax errors, along with all files included
by it. If no file is specified, /etc/named.conf is read by

     Note: files that named reads in separate parser
contexts, such as rndc.key and bind.keys, are not
automatically read by named−checkconf. Configuration errors
in these files may cause named to fail to run, even if
named−checkconf was successful.  named−checkconf can be run
on these files explicitly, however.

     Print the usage summary and exit.

     −t directory
     Chroot to directory so that include directives in the
     configuration file are processed as if run by a
     similarly chrooted named.

     Print the version of the named−checkconf program and

     Print out the named.conf and included files in
     canonical form if no errors were detected.

     Perform a test load of all master zones found in

     When loading a zonefile read the journal if it exists.

     The name of the configuration file to be checked. If
     not specified, it defaults to /etc/named.conf.

     named−checkconf returns an exit status of 1 if errors
were detected and 0 otherwise.


     named(8), named−checkzone(8), BIND 9 Administrator
Reference Manual.

     Internet Systems Consortium

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