native2ascii(1)             General Commands Manual            native2ascii(1)

       native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Converter

       Converts a file with native-encoded characters (characters which are
       non-Latin 1 and non-Unicode) to one with Unicode-encoded characters.

       native2ascii [options] [inputfile [outputfile]]

       The Java compiler and other Java tools can only process files which
       contain Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded (\udddd notation) characters.
       native2ascii converts files which contain other character encodings
       into files containing Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded charaters.

       If outputfile is omitted, standard output is used for output. If, in
       addition, inputfile is omitted, standard input is used for input.

          Perform the reverse operation: convert a file with Latin-1 and/or
          Unicode encoded characters to one with native-encoded characters.

       -encoding encoding_name
          Specify the encoding name which is used by the conversion procedure.
          The default encoding is taken from System property file.encoding.
          The encoding_name string must be taken from the first column of the
          table of supported encodings in the Supported Encodings @


          Pass option to the Java virtual machine, where option is one of the
          options described on the reference page for the java application
          launcher. For example, -J-Xms48m sets the startup memory to 48

                                  05 Aug 2006                  native2ascii(1)