NAUTY-COPYG(1)                   Nauty Manual                   NAUTY-COPYG(1)

       nauty-copyg - convert format and select subset

       copyg [-gszfp#:#qhx] [infile [outfile]]

              Copy a file of graphs with possible format conversion.

       -g     Use graph6 format for output

       -s     Use sparse6 format for output

       -z     Use digraph6 format for output

       -i     Use incremental sparse6 format for output

              In the absence of -g, -s, -z or -i, the format depends on the
              header or, if none, the first input line.  As an exception,
              digraphs are always written in digraph6.

       -p# -p#:#

              Specify range of input lines (first is 1) This can fail if the
              input has incremental lines.  -f  With -p, assume input lines of
              fixed length

              (ignored if header or first line has sparse6 format).

       -I# Have at most this number of incremental steps

       in a row.
              Implies -i.

       -h     Write a header.

       -x     Don't write a header.

              In the absence of -h and -x, a header is written if there is one
              in the input.

       -q     Suppress auxiliary output.

nauty 2.6.12                     October 2019                   NAUTY-COPYG(1)