NAUTY-GENQUARTICG(1)             Nauty Manual             NAUTY-GENQUARTICG(1)

       nauty-genquarticg - generate quartic graphs

       genquarticg [-ugs -h -c -l] n [res/mod] [file]

              generate all non-isomorphic quartic graphs of a given order

       n     : the number of the vertices file  : the name of the output file
       (default stdout) -u    : do not output any graphs, just generate and
       count them -g    : use graph6 format for output (default) -s    : use
       sparse6 format for output -h      write a header (only with -g or -s).
       -c    : only write connected graphs -C    : only write biconnected
       graphs res/mod : only generate subset res out of subsets 0..mod-1 -l
       : canonically label output graphs.

nauty 2.6.12                     October 2019             NAUTY-GENQUARTICG(1)