nightviewd(1)                   System daemons                   nightviewd(1)

       nighthttpd - a http server for nightviewd and telescoped

        nighthttpd [options]

       The nighthttpd is a http server to provide internet access for
       nighthttpd and telescoped daemons of Nightview. It is designed as
       1.0/http server with a few extensions to 1.1 (it is without keep-alieve
       support). This daemon is prepared for use in nightview including of a
       specific CGI support. It is not intended as a general http daemon.

       The options are as follows:

       -c     A location of a configuration file. For example:

       -u     User name to run under.

              Run in chroot environment.

       -h     Host address.

       -p     Listen port.

       AuthKey in configuration file is used to control of access to the
       daemon. If the option is not present (eg. commented out), all clients
       are accepted. It the value is non-null, the clients are autenticated by
       Basic authentication scheme as is used by Internet's browsers. It is
       highly reccomended to use any type of tunneling, when your are
       conecting via an unsecured network.

              The configuration file.

       nightview(1). See the /usr/share/doc/nightview-doc directory for
       description. Homepage:,

       This manual page was written by F. Hroch <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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