NMBSCAN(1)                  General Commands Manual                 NMBSCAN(1)

       nmbscan - NMB/SMB network scanner

       nmbscan -L
       nmbscan {-d|-m|-a}
       nmbscan {-h|-n} host1 [host2 [...]]

       This manual page documents briefly the nmbscan command.

       nmbscan scans the shares of a SMB/NetBIOS network, using the
       NMB/SMB/NetBIOS protocols. It is useful for acquiring information on a
       local area network for such purposes as security auditing.

       It can obtain such information as NMB/SMB/NetBIOS/Windows host name, IP
       address, IP host name, Ethernet MAC address, Windows user name,
       NMB/SMB/NetBIOS/Windows domain name, and master browser.

       It can discover all the NMB/SMB/NetBIOS/Windows hosts on a local area
       network by using the hosts lists maintained by master browsers.

              Show summary of options.

       -L     Show license agreement (GPL).

       -d     Show all domains.

       -m     Show all domains with master browsers.

       -a     Show all domains, master browsers, and servers.

       -h     Show information on hosts, known by ip name/address.

       -n     Show information on hosts, known by nmb name.

       nmbscan was written by Grégoire Barbier.

                                 Aug 02, 2010                       NMBSCAN(1)