PADLOAD(1)                  General Commands Manual                 PADLOAD(1)

     padload — download tool for CrossPad

     padload [-duvD] [-b baudrate] [-o filename] port

     padload is an downloading tool for CrossPad portable digitizing notepad.

     To use this program perform the following steps:
     1.   Connect your CrossPad to some of the serial port of your UNIX box.
          Here we assume the port to be /dev/tty00.
     2.   Tap “menu” key on the CrossPad, and put “Upload ink” on LCD screen.
          DO NOT tap “yes” yet.
     3.   Invoke padload with proper option.
     4.   Tap “yes” key on the CrossPad.  Note that you must tap “yes” key
          before padload timeouts (roughly 5 seconds).
     5.   Output should be generated into the specified file.
     6.   Follow the instruction on the LCD screen of CrossPad.  It will ask
          you if you would like to erase the ink data (vector data of the pen
          trace) on the CrossPad, or you wish to keep the ink data.

     The following options are available.

     -d      Enable data dump mode (basically for debugging).  The data
             transmitted between the program and the camera will be shown.
             Transactions longer than 30 bytes will be truncated to fit the
             dump list into 80 columns.

     -i      Do not overwrite existing files.

     -u      Do not perform uucp(1) locking.  Only gulus are allowed to use
             this option.

     -v      Be verbose.

     -D      Enable debugging mode.

     -b baudrate
             Specify baudrate to use.  Default baudrate is 115200bps.

     -o filename
             Generate output to filename.  If this option is not specified,
             genearte output to /tmp/xxxxxxxx.cpd, where xxxxxxxx is
             determined by the current time.

     port    The serial port to be used.

     crosspad2ps(1), uucp(1)

     -d option and -D option may break timing constraint of the protocol, as
     CPU time will be chewed by tty output.

     Jun-ichiro Itoh <>

                                 June 3, 2020