PANO_MODIFY(1)                        HUGIN                       PANO_MODIFY(1)

       pano_modify - Change output parameters of project file

       pano_modify [options] input.pto

       pano_modify modifies a single Hugin .pto project.

       -o, --output=file.pto
           Output Hugin PTO file. Default: <filename>_mod.pto

       -p, --projection=NUMBER
           Sets the output projection to NUMBER
               RECTILINEAR = 0,
               PANORAMA (Circular) = 1,
               EQUIRECTANGULAR = 2,
               FISHEYE_FF = 3,
               STEREOGRAPHIC = 4,
               MERCATOR = 5,
               TRANS_MERCATOR = 6,
               SINUSOIDAL = 7,
               LAMBERT_EQUAL_AREA_CONIC = 8,
               LAMBERT_AZIMUTHAL = 9,
               ALBERS_EQUAL_AREA_CONIC = 10,
               MILLER_CYLINDRICAL = 11,
               PANINI = 12,
               ARCHITECTURAL = 13,
               ORTHOGRAPHIC = 14,
               EQUISOLID = 15,
               EQUI_PANINI = 16,
               BIPLANE = 17,
               TRIPLANE = 18,
               PANINI_GENERAL = 19,
               THOBY   = 20,
               HAMMER  = 21

           Sets field of view.

           AUTO: calculates optimal fov

           HFOV|HFOVxVFOV: set to given fov

       -s, --straighten
           Straightens the panorama

       -c, --center
           Centers the panorama

           Sets the output canvas size

           AUTO: calculate optimal canvas size

           num%: scales the optimal size by given percent

           WIDTHxHEIGHT: set to given size

           Sets the crop rectangle

           AUTO: autocrop panorama

           AUTOHDR: autocrop HDR panorama

           left,right,top,bottom: to given size

           Sets the output exposure value to the mean exposure (AUTO) or to
           given value

           Sets the type of output

           Valid items are (multiple items to be separated by a comma)

           NORMAL|N: normal panorama

           STACKSFUSEDBLENDED|BF: LDR panorama with blended stacks

           EXPOSURELAYERSFUSED|FB: LDR panorama with fused exposure layers (any

           HDR: HDR panorama

           REMAP: remapped images with corrected exposure

           REMAPORIG: remapped images with uncorrected exposure

           HDRREMAP: remapped images in linear color space

           FUSEDSTACKS: exposure fused stacks

           HDRSTACKS: HDR stacks

           EXPOSURELAYERS: blended exposure layers

           Sets the filetype for LDR panorama output

           Sets the compression for LDR panorama output


           For JPG: quality as number

           Sets the filetype for HDR panorama output

           Sets the compression for HDR panorama output


           Sets the blender to be used at stitching stage

           Rotates the whole panorama with the given angles

           Translates the whole panorama with the given values

       -h, --help
           Shows help

       Thomas Modes

"Version: 2019.2.0"                2020-05-12                     PANO_MODIFY(1)