PATCHWORK(1fe)              Finite Element Package              PATCHWORK(1fe)

       patchwork - file format conversion application

       patchwork [-help] [-iformat filename] [-oformat filename] [-nocpp]
       [-cpp filename]

       Patchwork is a program to convert between different types of problem
       description file formats. Obviously, it is mainly intended as a method
       to go back and forth between standard felt(4fe) files and files
       formatted for input into other popular systems (e.g., DXF), but it
       could just as well be used to go between two of the alternative
       formats. In the above synopsis, iformat and oformat should be replaced
       with appropriate input and output format styles (see below).

       Patchwork accepts the following options:

            Write a message describing valid command line options to standard
            error and exit.

       -iformat filename
            Currently, iformat should be one of dxf, felt, or graph,
            specifying that the input is either a DXF file, a standard FElt
            input file, or a data file for a graphing application like
            gnuplot, respectively.  A filename of "-" indicates that input
            should be read from standard input.

       -oformat filename
            Currently, oformat should be one of dxf, felt, graph, or logan,
            specifying that the resulting output should be formatted as DXF,
            FElt, as input for gnuplot, or as appropriate input for the
            software that accompanies D.L. Logan's introductory finite element
            text.  A filename of "-" indicates that the output should be
            written to standard output.

            Do not use a preprocessor on the input file.

       -cpp filename
            Use filename as a preprocessor on the input file.  The default
            preprocessor is "/lib/cpp".  Any preprocssor which understands the
            -D, -U, and -I options can be used as these options are passed to
            the preprocessor.

       Patchwork was developed by Jason I. Gobat ( and Darren
       C. Atkinson (


Version 2.20                        5/19/94                     PATCHWORK(1fe)