PENTOBI(6)                  Pentobi Command Reference                 PENTOBI(6)

       pentobi - computer opponent for the board game Blokus

       pentobi [--maxlevel n] [--mobile] [--nobook] [--nodelay] [--seed n]
               [--threads n] [--verbose] [file.blksgf]

       pentobi -h | --help

       pentobi -v | --version

       pentobi is the command to invoke the program Pentobi, which is a
       graphical user interface and computer opponent for the board game Blokus.

       The command can take the name of a game file to open at startup as an
       optional argument. The game file is expected to be in Pentobi's SGF
       format as documented in in the Pentobi source package.

       -h, --help
           Display help and exit.

       --maxlevel n
           Set the maximum playing level. Reducing this value reduces the amount
           of memory used by the search, which can be useful to run Pentobi on
           systems that have low memory or are too slow to use the highest
           levels. By default, Pentobi currently allocates up to 2 GB (but not
           more than a quarter of the physical memory available on the system).
           Reducing the maximum level to 8 currently reduces this amount by a
           factor of 3 to 4 and lower maximum levels even more.

           Use a window layout optimized for smartphones and apply some user
           interface changes that assume that a touchscreen is the main input
           device. If this option is not used, the default layout depends on the
           platform. Using this option also changes the default style for GUI
           elements of QQuickControls 2 to Default if the style is not
           explicitly set with option -style.

           Do not use opening books.

           Do not delay fast computer moves. By default, the computer player
           adds a small delay if the move generation took less than a second to
           make it easier for the human to follow the game if the computer plays
           several moves in a row.

       --seed n
           Set the seed for the random generator. Using a fixed seed makes the
           move generation deterministic if no multi-threading is used (see
           option --threads).

       --threads n
           The number of threads to use in the search. By default, up to 8
           threads are used in the search depending on the number of hardware
           threads supported by the current system. Using more threads will
           speed up the move generation but using a very high number of threads
           (e.g. more than 8) can degrade the playing strength in higher playing

           Print internal information about the move generation and other
           debugging information to standard error.

       Additionally, any options supported by Qt applications can be used, such

       -display d
           Switches displays on X11.

       -geometry g
           Window geometry using the X11 syntax.

       -style s
           Set the style for the GUI elements of QQuickControls.

       -v, --version
           Display version and exit.


Pentobi 17.3                       2019-11-05                         PENTOBI(6)