POLLRCVD(8C)                                                      POLLRCVD(8C)

       pollrcvd - HylaFAX script for delivering facsimile received by polling

       /var/spool/hylafax/bin/pollrcvd mailaddr faxfile devid commid error-msg

       bin/pollrcvd is the command script invoked by the HylaFAX server
       whenever a facsimile is received as a result of a polling operation.
       The default script uses electronic mail to deliver the facsimile to the
       user that submitted the poll request, and can be controlled by editing
       the etc/PollDispatch shell script in the spooling area that is sourced
       by pollrcvd when it runs.  The arguments are:

       mailaddr  the electronic mail address of the user that submitted the
                 poll request.

       faxfile   the pathname of the received TIFF file relative to the root
                 of the spooling hierarchy.

       commid    The communication identifier associated with the call (used
                 to include a transcript when an error occurs).

       devid     the modem device on which the document was received.

       error-msg an error message that is non-null if an error was encountered
                 during the receive operation.

       The default script delivers facsimile as PostScript wrapped in MIME.

       /var/spool/hylafax  spooling area
       /usr/bin/faxinfo    for printing information about the facsimile
       /usr/bin/fax2ps     for converting TIFF to PostScript
       /bin/sendmail       for delivering mail

       faxq(8C), hylafax-server(5F), recvq(5F)

                                 May 12, 1996                     POLLRCVD(8C)