PROCCONTROL(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            PROCCONTROL(1)

     proccontrol — Control some process execution aspects

     proccontrol -m mode [-s control] [-q] -p pid | command

     The proccontrol command modifies the execution parameter of existing
     process specified by the pid argument, or starts execution of the new
     program command with the execution parameter set for it.

     Which execution parameter is changed, selected by the mandatory parameter
     mode.  Possible values for mode are:

     aslr     Control the Address Space Layout Randomization.  Only applicable
              to the new process spawned.

     trace    Control the permission for debuggers to attach.  Note that process
              is only allowed to enable tracing for itself, not for any other

     trapcap  Controls the signalling of capability mode access violations.

     protmax  Controls the implicit PROT_MAX application for mmap(2).

     kpti     Controls the KPTI enable, AMD64 only.

     la48     Control limiting usermode process address space to 48 bits of
              address, AMD64 only, on machines capable of 57-bit addressing.

     The control specifies if the selected mode should be enabled or disabled.
     Possible values are enable and disable, with the default value being enable
     if not specified.  See procctl(2) for detailed description of each mode
     effects and interaction with other process control facilities.

     The -q switch makes the utility query and print the current setting for the
     selected mode.  The -q requires the query target process specification with

     The proccontrol utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     To disable debuggers attachment to the process 1020, execute
               proccontrol -m trace -s disable -p 1020

     To execute the uniq(1) program in a mode where capability access
         violations cause SIGTRAP delivery, do
               proccontrol -m trapcap uniq

     To query the current ASLR enablement mode for the running process 1020,
               proccontrol -m aslr -q -p 1020

     kill(2), procctl(2), ptrace(2)

     The proccontrol command appeared in FreeBSD 10.0.

     The proccontrol command and this manual page were written by Konstantin
     Belousov <> under sponsorship from The FreeBSD Foundation.

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