PSCAP:(8)               System Administration Utilities              PSCAP:(8)

       pscap - a program to see capabilities

       pscap [ -a ]

       pscap is a program that prints out a report of process capabilities. If
       the application has any capabilities, it will be in the report with the
       exception of init. By giving the -a command line option, init will be
       included, too. If a process is not in the report, it has dropped all
       capabilities. If the process has partial capabilities, it is further
       examined to see if it has an open-ended bounding set. If this is found
       to be true, a '+' symbol is added.

       The command name in the output may be followed by an asterisk mark (*).
       This mark denotes processes which run in child user namespaces
       (relative to the user namespace of pscap itself).

       netcap(8), filecap(8), capabilities(7), ps(8).

       Steve Grubb

Red Hat                           March 2009                         PSCAP:(8)