pthread_create — create a thread

     #include <rtl_sched.h>

int pthread_create(pthread_t *thread, pthread_attr_t *attr, void *(*start_routine)(void *), void *arg);

     This function is an RTLinux version of standard POSIX threads function.
pthread_create  creates a realtime thread  that will have attributes given by
attr, and that begins executing function start_routine(arg ). If the attribute
is NULL, default attributes are used.  The thread attributes in RTLinux are
extended to allow thread creation on specific processors
(pthread_attr_setcpu_np), to enable FPU operations in the created thread

     The standard thread attribute setting functions supported include
pthread_attr_setschedparam, pthread_attr_setdetachstate,
pthread_attr_setstacksize, pthread_attr_setstackaddr.  The last call is to allow
users to allocate memory for thread stacks ‐‐ so that threads can be created in
RT operating mode by making use of pre‐allocated memory.  pthread_join should be
used to synchronize freeing of thread resources including memory. For example if
a thread is created with user allocated stack via pthread_attr_setstackaddr,
that memory can only be safely reallocated after a pthread_join.

     pthread_create returns 0 on success and a non‐zero error code on error.

[EAGAIN]  Either not enough memory, or PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX would be exceeded, or
          pthread_create is called from RT‐thread context and preallocated stack
          use is not specified.

 [EINVAL] Bad attributes.

     Victor Yodaiken ( (link to URL )

     In the absense of preallocated stack (via pthread_attr_setstackaddr), the
use of this function is restricted to the Linux init_module() or
cleanup_module() context.

UNIX spec pthread_create(3) (link to URL ../susv2/xsh/pthread_create.html) ,
pthread_attr_setstackaddr(3) (link to URL
../susv2/xsh/pthread_attr_getstackaddr.html) , pthread_attr_setstacksize(3)
(link to URL ../susv2/xsh/pthread_attr_getstacksize.html) , pthread_join(3)


(link to URL pthread_join.3.html) , pthread_make_periodic_np(3) (link to URL
pthread_make_periodic_np.3.html) , pthread_attr_setcpu_np(3) (link to URL
pthread_attr_setcpu_np.3.html) , pthread_attr_getcpu_np(3) (link to URL
pthread_attr_getcpu_np.3.html) , pthread_attr_setfp_np(3) (link to URL

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