radctl ‐ Radius daemon control interface

radctl [‐s] command
radctl ‐h

This command is a control interface to radiusd daemon. It
allows administrator to query it about various aspects of
its work and issue administrative commands to it.

Radctl communicates with radius using either a regular UNIX‐
style signal interface or a special UDP control channel.

‐s, ‐‐signal
     Use UNIX‐style signal interface. This option is
     retained fo compatibility with previous versions of

‐h, ‐‐help
     Display short usage help and exit.

     Start the radiusd server. Any surplus arguments after
     start command are passed as a command line to the

stop Shut down running radiusd server.

     Restart running radiusd server, i.e. shut it down and
     start again.

     Force radiusd server to reload its configuration files.

     Tell radiusd to dump its memory usage information to
     log channel info.

     Determine if the server is running. If so, display its
     status on the standard output and return to the shell
     with 0 exit code. Otherwise, return to the shell with 1
     exit code.


     Tell radiusd to dump its user database, i.e. the parsed
     contents of files hints, huntgroups and users from the
     /usr/local/etc/raddb directory to disk file. The
     filename is /var/log/radius.parse.

     /radius.pid Keeps the PID of the running radiusd

The information in this manpage may be obsolete or
incomplete. Please refer to texinfo documentation for full
information about GNU Radius tools.