radzap ‐ delete Radius login record.

radzap [‐c|‐q] [‐h] [‐n NAS] [‐p port] username

radzap searches the Radius log files for matching login
records and closes them.

     At least one of ‐n, ‐p options or username must be
specified. If they are used in conjunction, they are taken
as if joined by logical AND operation.

‐c   Enable confirm mode. In this mode radzap asks for a
     confirmation before zapping each matching record. Every
     line beginning with a ‘y’ is taken as positive
     response, otherwise it is taken as negative response.

‐q   Disable confirm mode.

‐h   Display short help summary and exit.

‐n   Specify NAS name to zap user from.

‐p   Specify the port number of the session to be zapped.
     The port number can be specified either in its full
     form, i.e ‘‘radzap ‐p S02’’ or in its short form, i.e.
     ‘‘radzap ‐p 2’’.

     Specifies the default behavior of the radzap. When set
     to a positive value, radzap starts in confirm mode.



The information in this manpage may be obsolete or
incomplete. Please refer to texinfo documentation for full
information about GNU Radius tools.


radiusd(8rad), radwho(1rad)