random(1)                            fish                            random(1)

       random - generate random number

       random SEED
       random START END
       random START STEP END
       random choice [ITEMS...]

       RANDOM generates a pseudo-random integer from a uniform distribution.
       The range (inclusive) is dependent on the arguments passed. No
       arguments indicate a range of [0; 32767]. If one argument is specified,
       the internal engine will be seeded with the argument for future
       invocations of RANDOM and no output will be produced. Two arguments
       indicate a range of [START; END]. Three arguments indicate a range of
       [START; END] with a spacing of STEP between possible outputs. RANDOM
       choice will select one random item from the succeeding arguments.

       Note that seeding the engine will NOT give the same result across
       different systems.

       You should not consider RANDOM cryptographically secure, or even
       statistically accurate.

       The following code will count down from a random even number between 10
       and 20 to 1:

       for i in (seq (random 10 2 20) -1 1)
           echo $i

       And this will open a random picture from any of the subdirectories:

       open (random choice **jpg)

Version 3.0.2                   Tue Mar 26 2019                      random(1)