RC(7)                             User Commands                            RC(7)

       rc - manual page for rc 2.33.128

       rc [OPTION]...

       rc is the RTags client application.

              Be more verbose.

              Print current version.

       --verify-version|-t [arg]
              Verify that the correct protocol version is used.

              Be silent.

              Display this help.

       --config [arg]
              Use this file (instead of ~/.rcrc).

              Don't load any rc files.

              Tell server to shut down with optional exit code as argument.

       --connect-timeout [arg]
              Timeout for connecting to rdm in ms (default 1000).

   Project management:
              Clear projects.

       --project|-w [optional]
              With arg, select project matching that if unique, otherwise list
              all projects.

       --delete-project|-W [arg]
              Delete all projects matching regex.

       --job-count|-j [optional]
              Set or query current job count. (Prefix with l to set

   Indexing commands:
       --compile|-c [optional]
              Pass compilation arguments to rdm.

              Guess compile flags (used with -c).

       --load-compile-commands|-J [optional]
              Load compile_commands.json from directory

       --suspend|-X [optional]
              Dump suspended files (don't track changes in these files) with no
              arg. Otherwise toggle suspension for arg.

   Query commands:
       --follow-location|-f [arg]
              Follow this location.

       --references-name|-R [arg]
              Find references matching arg.

       --references|-r [arg]
              Find references matching this location.

       --list-symbols|-S [optional]
              List symbol names matching arg.

       --find-symbols|-F [optional]
              Find symbols matching arg.

       --symbol-info|-U [arg]
              Get cursor info for this location.

       --status|-s [optional]
              Dump status of rdm. Arg can be symbols or symbolNames.

       --diagnose [arg]
              Resend diagnostics for file.

              Resend diagnostics for all files.

              Get timestamp of the last time indexing completed for the current

       --is-indexed|-T [arg]
              Check if rtags knows about, and is ready to return information
              about, this source file.

       --is-indexing [optional]
              Check if rtags is currently indexing files in any project or in
              project matching pattern.

       --has-filemanager [optional]
              Check if rtags has info about files in this directory.

       --preprocess|-E [arg]
              Preprocess file.

       --asm [arg]
              Assemble file.

       --reindex|-V [optional]
              Reindex all files or all files matching pattern.

       --check-reindex|-x [optional]
              Check if reindexing is necessary for all files matching pattern.

       --path|-P [optional]
              Print files matching pattern.

              Print path for current project.

       --dump-file|-d [arg]
              Dump source file.

       --check-includes [arg]
              Check includes for source file.

       --dump-file-maps [arg]
              Dump file maps for file.

       --generate-test [arg]
              Generate a test for a given source file.

              Receive logs from rdm.

       --fixits [arg]
              Get fixits for file.

       --remove|-D [arg]
              Remove file from project.

       --find-project-root [arg]
              Use to check behavior of find-project-root.

       --find-project-build-root [arg]
              Use to check behavior of find-project-root for builds.

       --include-file [arg]
              Use to generate include statement for symbol.

       --sources [optional]
              Dump sources for source file.

       --dependencies [arg]
              Dump dependencies for source file [(includes, included-by,
              depends-on, depended-on, tree-depends-on, raw)].

              Dump dependencies for all source files [(includes, included-by,
              depends-on, depended-on, tree-depends-on, raw)].

              Reload file manager.

       --man  Output XML for xmltoman to generate man page for rc :-)

       --code-complete-at|-l [arg]
              Code complete at location: arg is file:line:col.

       --send-diagnostics [arg]
              Only for debugging. Send data to all -G connections.

              Dump cached completions.

              Dump compilation database for project.

       --set-buffers [optional]
              Set active buffers (list of filenames for active buffers in

              List active buffers.

       --add-buffers [arg]
              Add additional buffers.

       --remove-buffers [arg]
              Remove buffers.

              List spelling for known cursor kinds.

       --class-hierarchy [arg]
              Dump class hierarcy for struct/class at location.

       --debug-locations [optional]
              Manipulate debug locations.

              Validate database files for current project.

       --tokens [arg]
              Dump tokens for file. --tokens file.cpp:123-321 for range.

       --find-dead-functions [optional]
              Find functions declared/defined in the current file that are never
              in the project.

   Command flags:
              Strip parens in various contexts.

       --max|-M [arg]
              Max lines of output for queries.

              Sort output reversed.

              Used for --references to indicate that we're using the results to
              rename symbols.

       --unsaved-file [arg]
              Pass unsaved file on command line. E.g.
              --unsaved-file=main.cpp:1200 then write 1200 bytes on stdin.

       --log-file|-L [arg]
              Log to this file.

              Don't print context for locations.

       --path-filter|-i [arg]
              Filter out results not matching with arg.

       --dependency-filter [arg]
              Filter out results unless argument depends on them.

       --range-filter [arg]
              Filter out results not in the specified range.

              Don't exempt system headers from path filters.

              Include definitions/declarations/constructors/destructors for
              references. Used for rename symbol.

              Print all matching usr targets for -f. Used for debugging.

              Print multiple targets for -f. Sorted by best match.

              Output elisp: (list "one" "two" ...).

       --json Output json.

              Output json diagnostics with skipped ranges.

              Receive async formatted diagnostics from rdm.

              Treat various text patterns as regexps (-P, -i, -V, -F).

              Match case insensitively

              Print files with absolute path.

       --socket-file|-n [arg]
              Use this socket file (default ~/.rdm).

       --socket-address [arg]
              Use this host:port combination (instead of --socket-file).

       --timeout|-y [arg]
              Max time in ms to wait for job to finish (default no timeout).

              Use in combinations with -R or -r to show other implementations of
              this function.

              Use to make --find-file prefer exact matches over partial matches.

              Use to make --symbol-info include parent symbols.

              Use to make --symbol-info include target symbols.

              Use to make --symbol-info include reference symbols.

              Use to make --symbol-info include baseclasses' symbols.

              Include cursor kind in --find-symbols output.

              Include display name in --find-symbols output.

       --current-file [arg]
              Pass along which file is being edited to give rdm a better chance
              at picking the right project.

              Filter out definitions (unless inline).

              Filter out declarations (unless inline).

       --kind-filter [arg]
              Only return results matching this kind.

              Include name of containing function in output.

              Include location of containing function in output.

       --build-index [arg]
              For sources with multiple builds, use the arg'th.

              For --source, only print compilation flags.

              For --source, print one compilation flag per line.

              For --source, print pwd for compile command on the first line.

              For --dump-file, also dump dependencies.

              Don't log this request in rdm.

              Wait for completion results and print them to stdout.

              Wait for diagnostics and print them to stdout.

       --xml  Output XML

              Don't sort references by input position.

       --project-root [arg]
              Override project root for compile commands.

       --rtags-config [arg]
              Print out .rtags-config for argument.

              Expand * like wildcards in --list-symbols and --find-symbols.

              Don't colorize context.

       --wait Wait for reindexing to finish.

              Include macros in code completion results.

              Give includes in completion results.

              Don't wait for synchronous completion if the translation unit has
              to be created.

       --code-complete-prefix [arg]
              Filter out code completion results that don't start with this

              Inform rdm that we're code-completing. Use with --diagnose

              Don't produce spell check info in diagnostics.

              Include symbols for tokens.

              Don't resolve paths using realpath(3).

       --include-path [arg]
              Dump include path for symbol.

       --max-depth [arg]
              Max search depth. Used for --include-path.


rc 2.33.128                         June 2019                              RC(7)