REARJ(1)                         Arj Software                         REARJ(1)

       rearj - Converts other archive formats to .arj files

       rearj [options] <!listfile(s)|filespec(s)|wildname(s)>

       The rearj command can repackage other archive formats to arj.

       -+     Ignore REARJ_SW variable.

              Convert archives within archives ("*" for all formats).

              Execute command before extracting files.

              Execute command on extracted files before counting them.

       -d     Delete original archives.

       -e     No error switch.

       -f     Convert diskette archives.

       -g     Skip creation of output archive.

              Check integrity of rearj program.

       -j     Skip if output archive size is larger than the original.

       -k     Skip archive timestamping.

              Write append log file (default name is rearj.log).

              Select archives before date in YYMMDDHHMMSS format.

              Select archives on or after date in YYMMDDHHMMSS format.

       -o     Allow overwrite of existing target archive.

       -p     Ignore long filenames under Windows 95.

       -q     Query for each archive to convert.

       -r     Recurse through subdirectories.

       -s     Skip verify of file count and total size.

              Create suffix type archives.

              Allow update of archive with backup (default is BAK).

       -v     Execute configured command on extracted files.

       -wdir  Assign work directory.

              Exclude by filename, wildname, or listfile.

              Delete output archive and write text to log (testing mode).

       -z     Simulate operation.

       REARJ_SW If set, its value will be used as command line options.

       0      Success.

       1      File not found.

       2      File is not a configured archive type.

       3      Target archive already exists.

       4      Not enough disk space.

       5      User skipped or user did not select update option.

       6      UNPACK command error.

       7      PACK command error.

       8      Target cannot support directories.

       9      Wrong file count.

       10     Wrong total size.

       11     Internal archive REARJ error.

       12     Rename archive error.

       13     Invoked -v command error (found a virus?).

       14     Output archive is larger.

       rearj * -r -d
              Convert all archives to ARJ format, searching all
              subdirectories, deleting original archives.


       This manual page was written by Ola Lundqvist <> in pod
       format, then converted by Guillem Jover <> to nroff

3.10                              2003-03-10                          REARJ(1)