REPORT(8CN)                                                        REPORT(8CN)

       report - report news problems and status

       ...  | /usr/lib/news/report [ -u ] subject

       Report is used to report the problems and status of the news system,
       normally by mail.  The subject is a single argument (normally enclosed
       in quotes) summarizing what the message is about; the message text
       itself is supplied to report on standard input.  If the message text is
       empty, report does not send anything.

       The -u option indicates that the message is urgent, which may affect
       how it is mailed or to whom.

       Report consults a control file, /var/lib/news/report.ctl, to determine
       the destination(s) of mail.  The control file is syntactically a shell
       file, which should assign to the shell variables urgentto and
       nonurgentto.  The values should be one or more mailing addresses, in
       whatever form the local mailer wants, separated by commas (and possibly
       white space as well).  They should not contain material other than
       addresses, e.g. RFC822 comments containing full names etc.

       Report is supplied as a central handling facility for error messages
       and status reports for C News, so that changes and customization in
       this often-system-specific area can be done in a single program.



       Written by Henry Spencer for the C News project.

       There is too much stupid and unnecessary diversity among mailer user
       interfaces for a single implementation of report to be entirely
       satisfactory.  In particular, the incantation to send a message which
       is already equipped with some of its RFC822 headers is very system-

       The don't-send-empty-messages business is perhaps inelegant, but it
       turns out to be very convenient.

                                  22 Aug 1994                      REPORT(8CN)