RMNEWS(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   RMNEWS(8)


       rmnews - expunge and remove news articles


       Rmnews reads article data from the standard input.  It then expunges and
       removes the listed articles.  Rmnews is designed to be used by
       InterNetNews to remove canceled, superseded, and expired news articles.

       The input is processed as an INN expirerm file listing or an INN cancel
       stream written as a ``WC'' entry in the newsfeeds(5) file.  This data
       consists of lines of text, each containing a list of relative article
       pathnames, with a single space between entries.  If a listed file is
       contained in an IMAP news mailbox, it is expunged out of that mailbox.
       In any case, each listed file is unlinked.

       Rmnews reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file.
       The optional newsprefix option specifies a prefix to be prepended to
       newsgroup names to make the corresponding IMAP mailbox names.  The
       required partition-news option specifies the pathname prefix to the IMAP
       news mailboxes.  The value of partition-news concatenated with the dots-
       to-slashes-converted value of newsprefix must be the pathname of the news
       spool directory.


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