SAKURA(1)                                                            SAKURA(1)

       sakura - A simple but powerful libvte-based terminal emulator.

       sakura [options...]

       sakura is a terminal emulator based on GTK+ and VTE. It's a terminal
       emulator with few dependencies, so you don't need a full GNOME desktop
       installed to have a decent terminal emulator.

       -?, --help
               Show help options.

               Show all help options

               Show GTK+ Options

       -v, --version
               Print version number

       -f, --font
               Select initial terminal font

       -n, --ntabs
               Select initial number of tabs

       -x, --execute
               Execute command

       -e, --xterm-execute
               Execute command (compatible with xterm's -e option)

       -l, --login
               Login shell

       -t, --title
               Set window title

       -c, --columns
               Set columns number

       -r, --rows
               Set rows number

       -h, --hold
               Hold window after execute command

       -d, --working-directory
               Set working directory

       -m, --maximize
               Maximize window

       -s, --fullscreen
               Fullscreen mode

               X display to use

               Use alternate configuration file. Path is relative to the
               sakura config dir.  (Example: ~/.config/sakura/FILENAME).

               Program class as used by the window manager

               Program name as used by the window manager

               X screen to use

       --sync  Make X calls synchronous

               Load additional GTK+ modules

               Make all warnings fatal

       sakura supports keyboard bindings. They are configurable by setting the
       following properties in your sakura config file

       Accelerators can be set to any mask value from the GdkModifierType in
       gdktypes.h; see:

       or, on your own system:


       Mask values can be combined by ORing them.

       For example, to set the delete tab accelerator to Ctrl + Shift:


       because GDK_SHIFT_MASK has a value of 1 (1 << 0), and GDK_CONTROL_MASK
       has a value of 4 (1 << 2); ORing them together, you get 5.

       I realise that this configuration is not so friendly to non-
       programmers, but it is a start. :)

       For example, to set the add tab key to 'T':


       Before sakura used keycodes instead of strings. They're still valid.

           Ctrl + Shift + T                 -> New tab
           Ctrl + Shift + W                 -> Close current tab
           Ctrl + Shift + C                 -> Copy selected text
           Ctrl + Shift + V                 -> Paste selected text
           Alt  + Left cursor               -> Previous tab
           Alt  + Right cursor              -> Next tab
           Alt  + [1-9]                     -> Switch to tab N (1-9)
           Ctrl + Shift + S                 -> Toggle scrollbar
           Ctrl + Shift + Mouse left button -> Open link
           F11                              -> Fullscreen
           Shift + PageUp                   -> Move up through scrollback by page
           Shift + PageDown                 -> Move down through scrollback by page
           Ctrl + Shift + Up                -> Move up through scrollback by line
           Ctrl + Shift + Down              -> Move down through scrollback by line

       You can also increase and decrease the font size in the GTK+ standard
       way (not configurable):

           Ctrl + '+'                       -> Increase font size
           Ctrl + '-'                       -> Decrease font size

       sakura is hosted on Launchpad. Bugs can be filed at:

       sakura was written by David Gómez <>.

       This manual page was written by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

       Both are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or

3.6.0                             2018-05-02                         SAKURA(1)