sciv(6)                             FreeSCI                            sciv(6)

       sciv - FreeSCI's main executable; this loads, links and runs SCI
       bytecode, such as Sierra's famous adventures games.

       FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space
       Quest series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels);
       see below for a complete listing.

       sciv is the main executable which loads, links and runs SCI bytecode.
       You'll need to run sciv in order to play SCI games.

       sciv [ --gamedir dir, -ddir ] [ --run, -r ] [ --sci-version version,
       -Vversion ] [ --version, -v ] [ --debug, -D ] [ --help, -h ] [
       --graphics gfx, -ggfx ] [ --scale-x xfact, -x xfact ] [ --scale-y
       yfact, -y yfact ] [ --color-depth bytespp, -c bytespp ] [ --disable-
       mouse, -m ] game

       --gamedir dir, -ddir
              With this option, games resources will be read from the
              directory dir. Default is the current directory, unless a
              directory has been specified in the config file (see below).

       --run, -r
              Do not start the debugger; only run the game (the default

       --sci-version version, -Vversion
              This option sets the SCI version for sciv to emulate.
              Acceptable version numbers are of the form x.yyy.zzz, where x is
              the major number, yyy is the minor number and zzz the patch
              level.  Note that currectly only SCI0 (major/minor=0/000) games
              are supported.   Normally, the version will be autodetected from
              the game resource files.

       --version, -v
              Display version number and exit.

       --debug, -D
              Start up in debug mode.

       --help, -h
              Display a short help text and exit.

       --graphics gfx, -ggfx
              With this option, you can specify which graphics driver is to be
              used.  In this release, only ggi is supported.

       --scale-x xfact, -xxfact
              --scale-y yfact, -yyfact These options allow to explicitly
              specify the horizontal and vertical scaling factors. The
              resulting size of the game window will be 320*xfact x 200*yfact,
              plus any window decorations.

       --color-depth bytespp, -cbytespp
              This sets the number of bytes to use per pixel. Some
              visuals/graphics drivers support several color depths, so that
              auto-detection may not yield the desired effects.

       --disable-mouse, -m
              Many SCI games handle the mouse pointer differently if no mouse
              is present in the system. This option instructs the interpreter
              to tell the games that no mouse is present whenever they ask for
              one; the actual effect depends on the individual game.

       game   An identifier describing the game to start. This identifier
              (GAME_ID) must be declared in the configuration file.

       FreeSCI will create a directory called .freesci in your home directory
       (unless this directory already exists). If you run an SCI game, this
       game will create another directory inside the .freesci directory, to
       store its save games in.

       Also, if a file called config exists in this directory, it will be read
       and parsed by the interpreter after the game has been loaded. At this
       time, the configuration file may contain:

       -      Comments preceeded by a hash '#' sign

       -      version = x.yyy.zzz: emulate SCI version x.yyy.zzz. The version
              number is sometimes printed on game discs, or can be found out
              by grepping your main executable for "0.000." (for SCI0 games).
              It is also displayed if the built-in debugger is activated in
              the Sierra SCI engine.

       -      pic0_dither_mode = dither | flat | dither256: (only one of those
              three modes).  dither: Draw in 16 colors, same as Sierra SCI.
              flat: Interpolate colors (256 colors). Improves some graphics.
              dither256: Dither in 256 colors. A compromise between dither and

       -      pic0_dither_pattern = scaled | 1: scaled: Perform picture
              dithering to blocks with a width of the horizontal and a height
              of the vertical scaling factor 1: Dither single pixels (same as
              scaled if the game is being run unscaled)

       -      pic0_brush_mode = scaled | ellipses | random-ellipses | more-
              random: Affects how semi-random brushes (used mostly for dirt
              and foilage) are drawn in SCI0 background pictures: scaled:
              Scale every semi-random pixel to a rectangular block ellipses:
              Scale every semi-random pixel to a filled ellipse random-
              ellipses: As ellipses, but slightly shift ellipse offset and
              size more-random: Add more random pixels to the whole area

       -      pic0_line_mode = correct | fine: Specify how lines are drawn
              when background pictures are rendered in SCI0: correct: Draw
              lines appropriately scaled fine: Don't scale lines (thin lines,
              may cause problems)

       -      dirty_strategy = 1 | clusters: The "dirty strategy" is the
              strategy used to collect modifications to the screen content.
              Modifying this may affect performance on slow or networked
              systems.  1: Collect everything in one dirty region clusters:
              Cluster non-overlapping modified regions into a set of regions

       -      pic0_scaled = yes | no: Whether SCI0 background pics should be
              scaled (may look better) or not (faster, looks more like the
              original games)

       -      pic_buffer_size = #: Number of background pics to store in an
              LRU buffer. Increasing this value will increase the amount of
              memory used, but may considerably speed up changing back to
              rooms you visited not too long ago.

       -      mouse = yes | no: Specifies whether the interpreter should
              report to the game that it has a mouse.

       -      [GAME_ID]: Commands following this line will only have an effect
              for the game with the specified game ID. (The game ID is printed
              during sciv startup, and is also used to create the save game

       -      resource_dir: Read the game's resource data from the specified
              location. Must not be used in the generic part of the config

       The following games have been tested with FreeSCI and are known to give
       some level of interactivity. In theory, FreeSCI should be able to let
       you complete all of these.

       -      Hero's Quest / Quest for Glory 1

       -      Space Quest 3

       -      King's Quest 4

       -      Leisure Suit Larry 2

       -      Leisure Suit Larry 3

       -      Police Quest 2

       -      Codename: Iceman

       -      The Colonel's Bequest (*)

       -      Conquest of Camelot

       -      The Fun Seeker's Guide (from the SQ Collector's Series)

       -      Hoyle's Book of Games (volume 1) (**)

       -      Hoyle's Book of Games (volume 2) (**)

       (*) There are still several graphical glitches in the Colonel's
       Bequest, but the game itself should work.

       (**) Due to differences between the way Sierra SCI and FreeSCI handle
       graphical widgets, these games may cause an accumulation of widgets in
       the widget subsystem, resulting in a slowdown and some increased memory

       sciconsole(6), scidisasm(6), sciunpack(6),

       FreeSCI is incomplete. Space Quest 3 was reported to have been
       completed with an earlier version of the interpreter, but no success
       reports regarding other games have been filed yet.

       This release has the following limitations (plus some bugs):

       -      Only SCI0 games are supported

       -      Sound is not supported yet

       -      The SCI debug functions aren't fully supported (and probably
              never will be, since FreeSCI uses its own debug functions).

       FreeSCI is copyright (c) 1999,2000,2001 by Christoph Reichenbach
       <>, Carl Muckenhoupt
       <>, Dmitry Jemerov <>, Magnus Reftel
       <>, Petr Vyhnak <>,
       Sergey Lapin <>, Lars Skovlund <>,
       Rickard Lind <> and Rink Springer <>.

       This man page was written by Bas Zoetekouw <> and
       Christoph Reichenbach.

0.3.1                            Jan 25, 2001                          sciv(6)