sfxload(1)                  General Commands Manual                 sfxload(1)

       sfxload - load a SoundFont file on the AWE32 sound driver

       sfxload [-IixBv] [-m mode] [-b bank] [-c chorus] [-r reverb] [-V
       volume] [-P path1:path2:pathN] soundfile [datafile]

       sfxload transfers the sound wave and instruments data of SoundFont file
       to the AWE32 sound driver.  sfxload can read the original SoundFont
       (SF2 or SBK) file and the converted SFX file (see txt2sfx(1)).  If it
       reads an SFX file and no wave data is included in the file, additional
       argument datafile must be specified for corresponding SoundFont file.
       If the sound file is SF2 or SBK file, or instruments in the SFX file
       use only ROM samples, datafile is not required.

       The sound files are searched through the path list given by the
       environment variable SFBANKDIR or the command line option -P.  The file
       extension .sfx, .sf2, and .sbk can be abbreviated.

       -I     Initialize Emu8000 chip in AWE32.  This is occasionally
              necessary when sample tranfer fails frequently.

       -i     Clean up all samples on the driver before loading.

       -x     Remove only the last loaded samples.  Otherwise, samples are
              appended after the last sample.

       -c  chorus
              Specify the effects of chorus.  The value is in percent, from 0
              to 100.  The default value is zero.  This value may be
              overwritten by MIDI control messages.

       -c  reverb
              Specify the effects of reverb.  The value is in percent, from 0
              to 100.  The default value is zero.  This value may be
              overwritten by MIDI control messages.

       -B     Add 48 size of blank loop on each sample data.  To be compatible
              with the older sfxload, specify this option.

       -v     Increase verbosity level.  Many information like maximum number
              of samples and instruments using this option can be checked.
              More -v cause more verbose outputs.

       -m  mode
              Change the instrument search mode for multiple defined
              instruments: 0=first, 1=last, and 2=merge(default) modes,
              respectively.  If this options is 0, only the first instrument
              is used and other instruments in the same preset are ignored.
              If this is 1, the last instrument is used instead.  Otherwise,
              all the instruments in the preset are merged.
              The AWE driver v0.2 or older doesn't support the multiple
              instrument layers, and may produce different sounds if using
              last or merge mode.  If you wan to keep the older sounds, use
              first (-m 0) mode.

       -b  bank
              Replace bank number of default bank samples (bank 0).  This
              option is necessary to load user bank, usually in bank one.  For
                        % sfxload -i -r 10 -c 10 gm.sfx
                        % sfxload -b 1 surprise.sf2

       -V  volume
              Specify the total volume of sounds, provided in percent.  The
              default volume is 70%.

       -P  path1:path2:pathN
              Specify the search path list.  The sound files are searched from
              path1, path2, and so on.  This overrides the environment
              variable SFBANKDIR.

              Search path for sound files.  The current directory is searched
              at last if this variable is set.


       Copyright (C) 1996,1997 Takashi Iwai.

       The AWE32 driver and utilties are free software; you can redistribute
       them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
       of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

                                March 17, 1997                      sfxload(1)