SGE_SCHEDD(8Grid Engine Enterprise Edition Administrative CommandSGE_SCHEDD(8)

       sge_schedd - Grid Engine Enterprise Edition job scheduling agent

       sge_schedd [ -help ]

       sge_schedd computes the scheduling decision in a Grid Engine Enterprise
       Edition cluster. The information necessary for the decision is
       retrieved from sge_qmaster(8) via an event interface.  After applying
       the scheduling algorithm, sge_schedd communicates the scheduling
       decision back to sge_qmaster(8) again via the Grid Engine Enterprise
       Edition GDI. In order to trigger a sge_schedd run, sge_qmaster(8)
       samples changes in the cluster status and notifies sge_schedd in
       periodical time intervals.
       Together with sge_schedd a sge_commd(8) is brought up automatically on
       the same machine (if not already present).

       By using the -tsm option of the qconf(1) command, sge_schedd can be
       forced to print trace messages of its next scheduling run to the file
       <sge_root>/<cell>/common/schedd_runlog. The messages indicate the
       reasons for jobs and queues not being selected in that run

       -help  Print version number of the scheduler.

       SGE_ROOT       Specifies the location of the Grid Engine Enterprise
                      Edition standard configuration files.

       SGE_CELL       If set, specifies the default Grid Engine Enterprise
                      Edition cell. To address a Grid Engine Enterprise
                      Edition cell sge_schedd uses (in the order of

                             The name of the cell specified in the environment
                             variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

                             The name of the default cell, i.e. default.

                      If set, specifies that debug information should be
                      written to stderr. In addition the level of detail in
                      which debug information is generated is defined.

       COMMD_PORT     If set, specifies the tcp port on which sge_commd(8) is
                      expected to listen for communication requests.  Most
                      installations will use a services map entry instead to
                      define that port.

                       sge_schedd spool directory
                       sge_schedd trace information
                       sge_schedd configuration
       See sched_conf(5) for details on the scheduler configuration file.

       sge_intro(1), sge_gdi(3), sched_conf(5), sge_commd(8), sge_qmaster(8).

       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

GEEE 5.3                 $Date: 2001/11/28 15:00:20 $            SGE_SCHEDD(8)