sgml2xml-isoent(1)                 docbook2X                sgml2xml-isoent(1)

       sgml2xml-isoent - Convert SGML to XML with support for ISO entities

       sgml2xml-isoent [sgml-document]

       sgml2xml-isoent converts an SGML document to XML, with support for the
       ISO entities.  This is done by using sgml2xml(1) from the SP package
       (or osx(1) from the OpenSP package), and the declaration for the XML
       version of the ISO entities is added to the output.  This means that
       the output of this conversion should work as-is with any XML tool.

       This program is often used for processing SGML DocBook documents with
       XML-based tools. In particular, db2x_xsltproc(1) calls this program as
       part of its --sgml option. On the other hand, it is probably not
       helpful for migrating a source SGML text file to XML, since the
       conversion mangles the original formatting.

       Since the XML version of the ISO entities are referred to directly, not
       via a DTD, this tool also works with document types other than DocBook.

       The ISO entities are referred using the public identifiers ISO
       8879:1986//ENTITIES//...//EN//XML.  The catalogs used when parsing the
       converted document should resolve these entities to the appropriate
       place (on the local filesystem). If the entities are not resolved in
       the catalog, then the fallback is to get the entity files from the Web site.

       Steve Cheng <>.

       sgml2xml(1), osx(1)

docbook2X 0.8.8                  3 March 2007               sgml2xml-isoent(1)