sim6811(1)                BSD General Commands Manual               sim6811(1)

     sim6811 — very simple and crude simulator for the 6811

     sim6811 s19-file

     s19-file is a Motorola s19 assembler output file

     some instructions aren't there yet (notably converning multiplication and
     interrupts) and the interface only allows stepping.  this should be
     easily rectifiable, however, and the simple structure should make
     grafting on a graphical interface quite simple.

     to run the simulator, just provide the name of an object file on the
     command line.  the object file must be in s19 format, and must include a
     reset vector in order to tell the simulator where to start execution.
     simulation proceeds one instruction at a time, with a register and page
     zero memory dump being performed at each step.

     several simple commands are supported, but additional commands to modify
     memory, cause interrupts and simulate the special registers would all be
     nice, and relatively easy to add.

     The current sim6811 command set includes

     l [address [n]]
        disassemble n instructions starting at address

     g [address [n]]
        go starting at address for n steps.

     s [n]
        step n times (n=1 default)

     b [address[cnt]]
        set a breakpoint, which will stop cnt times

     t [address[cnt]]
        set a temporary breakpoint.

        step once

     sim6811 was written by Ted Dunning <>. This manual page was
     created out of various C-sources by Eric L. Hernes <>.
     Some example sources and s19 files can be found in

4th Berkeley Distribution        June 5, 1993        4th Berkeley Distribution