SLAPDN(8C)                                                          SLAPDN(8C)

       slapdn - Check a list of string-represented LDAP DNs based on schema

       /usr/sbin/slapdn [-d debug-level] [-f slapd.conf] [-F confdir] [-N|-P]
       [-o option[=value]] [-v] DN [...]

       Slapdn is used to check the conformance of a DN based on the schema
       defined in slapd(8) and that loaded via slapd.conf(5).  It opens the
       slapd.conf(5) configuration file or the slapd-config (5) backend, reads
       in the schema definitions, and then parses the DN list given on the

       -d debug-level
              enable debugging messages as defined by the specified debug-
              level; see slapd(8) for details.

       -f slapd.conf
              specify an alternative slapd.conf(5) file.

       -F confdir
              specify a config directory.  If both -f and -F are specified,
              the config file will be read and converted to config directory
              format and written to the specified directory.  If neither
              option is specified, an attempt to read the default config
              directory will be made before trying to use the default config
              file. If a valid config directory exists then the default config
              file is ignored.

       -N     only output a normalized form of the DN, suitable to be used in
              a normalization tool; incompatible with -P.

       -o option[=value]
              Specify an option with a(n optional) value.  Possible generic
              options/values are:

                     syslog=<subsystems>  (see `-s' in slapd(8))
                     syslog-level=<level> (see `-S' in slapd(8))
                     syslog-user=<user>   (see `-l' in slapd(8))

       -P     only output a prettified form of the DN, suitable to be used in
              a check and beautification tool; incompatible with -N.

       -v     enable verbose mode.

       To check a DN give the command:

            /usr/sbin/slapdn -f //etc/openldap/slapd.conf -v DN

       ldap(3), slapd(8), slaptest(8)

       "OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide" (

       OpenLDAP Software is developed and maintained by The OpenLDAP Project
       <>.  OpenLDAP Software is derived from
       University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.4.40                   2014/09/20                        SLAPDN(8C)