smalledit(1)                General Commands Manual               smalledit(1)

       Smalledit-3.7.4 - Stripped down version of Cooledit - a full-featured
       text editor for the X Window System.

       smalledit [options] [[+<line>] [<path>/]<file>] ...

       This is a stripped down version of Cooledit which is smaller than the
       original. See cooledit.1 for full documentation. Only a few of
       cooledit's commandline options are supported by smalledit.

       -d, -display <display>
              The X server and display you would like to display to.

       -f, -fn, -font <font-name>
              The font you would like to use.

       -i, --international-characters
              Display international (i.e. non-US) characters. Default: treat
              characters above 127 as non-printable binary characters.

       --word-wrap <length>
              The maximum length of a line. See the next two options.

              The options causes a newline to be inserted when the line you
              are typing becomes longer than --word-wrap length.

              This is a more advanced form of the option above: it causes the
              entire paragraph to be reformatted with each edit of a
              paragraph.  See WORD PROCESSOR MODE in cooledit(1).

       -t, -tab, --tab-spacing <spacing>
              Interpret the tab character as being the length of <spacing>
              characters. Default is 8.

       -h, -H, -?, --help
              Print out commandline options summary.

       -V, -v, --version
              Print out version number.

       This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See No warrenty
       in the File menu for details on the License and the lack of warranty.

       The latest public release of this program can be found at in the directory /pub/Linux/Incoming, or
       /pub/Linux/apps/editors/X. The latest development version can be found
       at , in the directory /pub/unix/cooledit , all by
       anonymous ftp.

       mc(1), mcedit(1), X(1), scanf(3), cooledit.1.

       Paul Sheer (

       See the file BUGS in the distribution for more information.

                               18 September 1998                  smalledit(1)