sweep(1)                    General Commands Manual                   sweep(1)

       sweep - Geomview external module for creating surfaces of extrusion and


       Sweep is a tool used to make surfaces of extrusion and rotation out of
       geomview vect objects.  Sweep is intended to run as a geomview external
       module.  It uses the target object, which must be a vect, to create the
       surfaces.  To create the surface, press the button marked "Make Sweep"
       at the bottom of the panel.  The program will create the surface and
       automatically send it to geomview as a new object named "sweep."

       The two buttons at the top of the sweep panel control the type of
       sweep.  If the button marked "Translational Sweep" is pressed, the
       target object will be used to make a surface of extrusion.  The fields
       marked "Length of sweep" and "Direction of sweep" are used to control
       the attributes of the surface.

       If the button at the top of the panel marked "Rotational Sweep" is
       pressed, the surface formed will be the surface of the rotation of the
       vect.  The box in the middle of the panel will be replaced by a box
       with controls for the attributes of the surface of rotation.  Note that
       the sweep may be of an arbitrary length around an arbitrary vector.
       The field marked "Arc length" controls the length of the sweep in
       degrees or radians.  The fields marked "End of axis" and "Direction
       axis" are used to specify the axis around which the vect will be
       rotated.  The field marked "Divisions" is used to specify the number of
       pieces into which the sweep will be radially divided.  A higher number
       will give a smoother appearance.


       Celeste Fowler           email:  fowler@geom.umn.edu
       The Geometry Center      phone:  (612) 626-8304
       1300 South Second Street
       Minneapolis, MN  55454

Geometry Center               September 22, 1992                      sweep(1)